GTA 4’s Liberty City recreated in Unreal Engine 5

A post was recently added to Reddit which shows an entire GTA 4 map made using Unreal Engine 5. 

With the wait for the next instalment in the GTA series, fans are having to find their own ways of coping. For one Reddit user, brucebanner4prez, this comes in the form of a large scale project.

A long project

The map shows iconic Liberty City landmarks down to the Statue of Happiness and Star Junction. It also includes multiple buildings and streets and even a detailed sewer system. This project took the user “10 months of consistent work” and is still a work in progress. When questioned about optimization and FPS, the user replies, “everything has been modeled in blender and imported via the datasmith workflow, which allows for the perfect mix of visual fidelity & necessary optimizations.”

Some people were also curious as to why this fan undertook such a big project. Brucebanner4prez replied saying, “for the same reason that people reference 2d images to build their 3d scenes. to practice modeling without needing to mentally create everything from scratch. plus bragging rights obvi lol.” 

Everything from scratch

Furthermore, many users wished to know how a project of this scale was achieved. Reading through replies by the original poster shows the majority of the map’s assets were created from scratch inside of Blender with the exception of some basic low-level props and the surrounding terrain”. Although the textures of the map are currently low-quality, this is something they plan to work on in the future.

For now, it’s impressive to see a dedicated fan using their skills to create homages to GTA 4. With GTA 6 news hopefully coming very soon, this is enough to tide us over until then. 

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