All First-Party Xbox Titles Will Come To PC Via Game Pass

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has announced that he plans to bring every Xbox first-party title to the PC platform, as well as to console via Xbox Game Pass.

When speaking during an interview with GameReactor, Phil Spencer confirmed that just like on console, every first-party title will be coming to PC via Xbox Game Pass. 

Logo for Xbox Game Pass
Credit: Microsoft

Referring to Xbox Game Pass as more of a Microsoft eco-system, Spencer said: “when we say ‘playing on Xbox’ it doesn’t mean an Xbox console.

He added: “It means somebody who is logging in and playing a part of our ecosystem, whether first-party or third-party. And it could be on an Android phone. It could be on a Switch. It could be on a PC.

Xbox consoles
Credit: Microsoft

Spencer also spoke of the added benefits of Xbox Game Pass not being restricted to just console.

The fact that we sell our games on PC does undermine one of the value propositions in that it doesn’t force somebody to go buy our console” said Spencer. “Our high-level goal inside of our team, of how we measure ourselves, is how many people are playing on Xbox.

Xbox series x controller close up
Credit: Microsoft

The Xbox chief also made it clear that even if a first-party title came to PC via Xbox Game Pass, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play it on other PC platforms, saying: “If we are shipping a first-party game on PC it’s coming to Steam and our own store.

In the very same interview Phil Spencer also spoke about how he hopes to bring Xbox Game Pass to platforms other than Xbox, PC and mobile.

Credit: Microsoft/343 Industries

It’s clear that Spencer wants as many people to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass as possible and considering the great value that this service brings, that is only a good thing in my opinion.

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