New Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass Make It Better Than Ever

Microsoft has added a wealth of new games to the already fantastic Xbox Game Pass starting from this week, with a number of indie darlings and classics from yesteryear.

The new wave of games not only adds additional titles coming to PC and Xbox One, but also for compatible Android devices too.

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Credit: Microsoft

Arriving today (October 27) to the subscription service will be Carto coming to Xbox and PC, a quirky indie game developed by Sunhead Games and published by Humble Games.  Then on Thursday, October 30th, we get remasters of the cult-classics Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Grim Fandango Remastered and Full Throttle Remastered for Xbox and PC.

Joining the Double Fine Productions on the very same day is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, ScourgeBringer and Unruly Heroes to Android devices, as well as Unruly Heroes for Xbox, PC and Android.

Image from PUBG
Credit: PUBG Corp

Then arriving to Xbox Game Pass next month on November 5th will be indie-darling Celeste to Xbox, PC and Android, as well as Comanche,  Deep Rock Galactic and Eastshade.  They will be joined by Knights and Bikes coming to Xbox and PC.  Then finally on November 17th will be Ark: Survival Evolved – Explorer’s Edition, which comes bundled with the games season pass.

However it’s not all new additions coming to Xbox Game Pass, because from October 30th After Party (Xbox), Lego Star Wars III (Xbox), Rise & Shine (Xbox), Tacoma (Xbox and PC), The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game (Xbox and PC), and The Red Strings Club (PC) will all be leaving the subscription service.

Image from Grim Fandango
Credit: Lucasarts

With the release of the Xbox Series X|S being less than two weeks away, Xbox Game Pass continues to grow in value, perhaps putting other “Netflix-for-Games” subscription services to shame.

Xbox consoles side by side
Credit: Microsoft

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