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Amber Isle Is An Animal Crossing-Inspired Social Sim With Dinosaurs

Animal Crossing’s wonderfully wholesome mechanics have changed the gaming scene but are out of reach for many games without access to a Nintendo console. Luckily, Ambertail Games is working on a new experience that infuses Animal Crossing’s magic into a dinosaur-themed social sim.

amber isle
Credit: Ambertail Games

Amber Isle is a game that features a community of friendly dinosaurs living in a wholesome village.

Ambertail Games is a two-person team consisting of designer Jordan and developer Noel, making this project even more impressive. The game was shared on Twitter by the helpful Wholesome Games account, which promotes indie games with a cute aesthetic.


Abertail Games describes Amber Isle as an “Animal Crossing inspired store and social sim set in a world of friendly dino villagers”. The developer’s website also provides the following synopsis of the game:

Ambertale is a simple, wholesome game where you run a shop in a world filled with prehistoric creatures.  You design, craft and sell your very own items and can choose what kind of store you want to run!  Will it be artsy?  Do you like interior design?  Or do you want to sell a bit of everything?  The possibilities are endless.

Make friends, grow your crafting skills, expand your shop, explore for resources, and most importantly, have fun!


The game doesn’t currently have a release date, but Ambertail Games is providing updates via its Twitter. The gameplay footage currently online is from a prototype build of the game, so its development is still in the early stages.

Nevertheless, the game has a Discord page, and Ambertail Games also has a Patreon. The website also has a “latest updates” tab, which will hopefully reveal more details as the game’s development progresses.

Good luck, Ambertale Games! Hopefully, we’ll get to visit your adorable dino world sometime soon!


Featured Image Credit: Ambertail Games