American University Offers Fortnite Scholarship of Thousands of Dollars

Ashland University in Cleveland Ohio will be launching its esports program in the fall and Fortnite is the latest game to be added to the list.

Here is what the head coach had to say about Fortnite and it’s addition to the Universities esports offering.

“Fortnite appeals to both the core and casual gaming audience,”

“We’re excited to provide this platform for gamers who want to showcase their skills in a more competitive space. Fortnite facilitates an environment that allows players to get creative, innovate and show off their mastery of their skills.”

Ashland University has a few other games lined up which include Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League. In addition to these games the application form also lists a number of other games which they may potentially be getting into if their esports offering proves successful. Here is the full list:

Players who play on these teams could be eligible for up to $4000 in scholarship to the school. Ashland University is not the first university to offer esports as part of the curriculum but they are at the forefront. I would expect to see more universities and colleges alike to start doing the same. I am also sure it will also make its way across to the UK and mainland Europe as well soon.

Fortnite isn’t known for its esports scene just yet. Many people thinking that it may just be a fad that only lasts a little while. With universities now getting involved in it Fortnite esports may become more of a reality much quicker.

As a part of their new esports offering the university will also build a brand new esports arena where players can compete and of course spend hours a day practicing.

At the moment the University only has a single team of four in mind for its Fortnite team but if it proves popular, which I am almost sure it will, it will definitely expand into more squads.

Think you have what it takes to be on the team – you can apply here.

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