Amouranth May Face Kick Suspension After Twerking During Livestream

Well-known Twitch streamer Amouranth may already be facing a suspension from Kick after twerking during a recent livestream.

Despite only announcing her move to Kick last month, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa may already be facing her first ban after breaking the site’s guidelines during a recent dance stream. 

Amouranth May Face A Kick Suspension After Twerking During Livestream

With Kick becoming a more popular alternative to Twitch by the day, it is no surprise that many big streamers are making the big move. However, despite Kick being somewhat more lenient when it comes to guidelines, it still has some rules that Amouranth recently broke. 

July 16 saw the streamer host a DJing dance party for her 100,000+ followers. Although this in itself is allowed, what followed after wasn’t. During one of her sets, Amouranth began twerking when the song’s lyrics said “hands on your knees”, according to Dexerto.

Although mainly considered a dance move, Kick has prohibited “sexually suggestive content” which can include “erotic or sexually suggestive dancing or gestures.” As a result, some viewers took to Reddit to repost the clip of the “bannable offence.” 

Additionally, “twerking” was specifically mentioned by Kick co-founder as being against TOS back in April. Although the post specifies that it is banned in exchange for “subs/money”, Amouranth still qualifies as she was being donated to at the time. 

Bannable Offence

With Amouranth already hosting over 100,000 followers and a higher average view count on Kick, any bannable offences will be quick to get noticed. 

Luckily for her, her Kick page remains unbanned at the time of writing. She is also yet to make a comment about breaking the site’s guidelines. 

So it remains to be seen if the streamer will be facing any action. If that is the case, she may just be taking her dance move back to Twitch.

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