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An Awful Mario Game Somehow Released On The Xbox Store

Someone how an incredibly obvious Mario ripoff has made its way onto the Xbox Store, and it does not look good.

It’s pretty hard to make a truly original game. There are plenty of platformers that are so clearly inspired by Mario that they could almost be called fan games. Except now there’s a game which is undoubtedly a Mario ripoff that somehow came out on the Xbox store (thanks Nintendo Life).

Called Supertan Marioner 3D Infinity World Adventures (sure), the game is basically just Super Mario Run. But all you do is run to the right and jump. That’s it. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘well surely they have a legally distinct plumber dressed in red and blue?’ You would be wrong, because the bold developers literally just used a model of Mario.

YouTube video

If you want to know what the game is about, the now defunct store page provides us with a wonderful description (thanks Pure Xbox). “The adventures of Super marioner continue. This time with 3D design. Travel through the jungle with marioner. Jump between platforms. Try not to fall in this endless speeding adventure. You have 3 rights. Try to make the highest record.” 

What “this time with 3D design, means we couldn’t possibly tell you, Marioner does in fact have a 3D model. We also couldn’t tell you how this game managed to get on to the Xbox store, and charge money on top of that. It’s not playable anymore, for obvious reasons. But it looks like if you want your ripoff Mario game on Xbox, it’s not that hard.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/ PedriApps