An Oxenfree TV Series Has Been Announced By Developer

The 2016 indie graphical adventure Oxenfree is set to become a TV series, according to the game’s developers.

image from oxenfree
Credit: Night School Studio

In an interview with Digital Trends, Oxenfree’s creators Sean Krankel and Adam Hine spoke about the game’s legacy, as well as provided some details on the teen drama’s transition from indie game to TV show.

Night School, the studio behind Oxenfree, previously struck a deal with Skybound Entertainment (the studio behind The Walking Dead) that promised to expand Oxenfree as a movie franchise. However, the deal didn’t quite pan out as they’d have hoped.

image from oxenfree
Credit: Night School Studio

When asked about the partnership, Adam Hines stated: “At the time, we were such a small studio — we were four or five people when most of the Skybound stuff was being worked through.”

The duo continued by elaborating on details surrounding the project’s progression:

“All of that said, the very good news is it actually now is packaged up with another group and it is very likely going to move forward, but as a series,” Night School Studio co-founder Sean Krankel added.

image from oxenfree
Credit: Night School Studio

“Not a lot to announce yet, but in the middle of last year we started working on that. It’s an adaptation of the game, but that would be a whole new set of variables at play. So we’re excited.”

As a studio, Night School seems to be very focused on developing games, which appears to be the reason why things didn’t quite pan out with Skybound. You might have heard of Night School’s other title, Afterparty, a game about two college grads whose drunken night out seems to lead them to a party in hell. 

Are you looking forward to an Oxenfree TV series?

If you fancy delving into some indie goodness, Oxenfree is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

Already played Oxenfree? Why not give Afterparty a shot, which is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and is also coming to Nintendo Switch March 2021.

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Featured Image Credit: Night School Studio