Someone’s Made An Anatomically Correct Pokemon And It’s So Uncomfortable

If you’ve ever wondered what an anatomically correct Pokemon looks like, you don’t have to any more thanks to this artist.

In general, it’s unlikely that you think of Pokemon as real, living creatures. That’s mainly because they’re not, they’re just a collection of pixels or polygons on a screen. So you likely don’t really have an idea of what an anatomically correct Pokémon would look like.

Well, thanks to artist TheChristopherStoll, you do now. TheChristopherStoll shared their take on the insides of a Togepi on the Pokemon subreddit. And it’s equal parts terrifying and intriguing.

this anatomically correct pokemon is maybe too real

I’m a biologist who loves to draw Pokemon anatomy for fun!” explains TheChristopherStoll in the post. The biologist clearly put a lot of thought into the inner workings of Togepi too. It ‘accurately’ points out all the different parts of the body, like Togepi’s “tarsal claw adapted to grind through egg shell during hatching.

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TheChristopherStoll even went so far as to describe Togepi’s characteristics, as if it were a real creature. And they also described Togepi’s physiology, likening it to Cubone, which really shows how much thought was put into the design process.

Elekid anime Pokemon
Credit: Nintendo

Of course, TheChristopherStoll’s work isn’t just limited to Togepi. Another post shows anatomical drawings of Espeon, Natu, Croconaw, and more. Natu is a good one in particular, just showing off the skeleton, which is honestly incredibly believable. 

You might have seen TheChristopherStoll’s work before actually, in a book called Pokénatomy: An Unofficial Guide, which you can purchase here.

While they’re unlikely to explore Pokemon anatomy, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet still look like they have potential to be some great games. A new trailer recently revealed that the game has four-player co-op. Which will certainly make exploring the open world, a series first, much less lonesome.

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Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/ TheChristopherStoll