Stalker 2 Has A New Release Window Following Delay

Stalker 2 fans were treated to a new atmospheric gameplay trailer at the Xbox Extended Showcase which revealed a new 2023 release window.

Developed by Ukrainian studio GSC Game World, life continues to be put on hold as a direct impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The press release provided by Koch Media, confirms that members of the development team chose to valiantly defend their country during the on-going war.

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Yet despite this, development of Stalker 2 resumed in May with some members of the team continuing their work in Kyiv, while others relocated to a new office in Prague, Czech Republic. As a result of the conflict, the new 2023 release window has been announced.

The devs remain defiant

The Zone reveals a whole new world! We can stick with the old one, fearing change… but tell me, do you want our descendants to remember us as cowards? Or those who dared to venture forward to a new, better humanity?” reads the description of the new trailer.

stalker 2
Credit: GSC Game World

Despite the threats that veil the journey from the ordinary world we used to call “home“ to the unknown. Would we dare to pursue the comprehension of human nature that shapes under the prism of a new reality?

The name of the game changed

In related Stalker 2 news, the development team recently choose to change the title of the game to reflect the Ukrainian spelling instead of its original Russian name. The title changed from “Chernobyl” to “Chornobyl.”

stalker 2
Credit: GSC Game World

Chornobyl was the home to the nuclear power plant disaster in Russia in 1986. The disaster is considered to be the worst of its kind in history, with the nuclear fallout still felt today, 36 years later.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl will release for PC and Xbox Series X|S in 2023. It will also launch on day one on Xbox Game Pass. Are you looking forward to Stalker 2? Let us know across our social media channels.

stalker 2 ukraine flag
Credit: GSC Game World

The fighting in Ukraine is causing families to flee their homes. Please give now to save lives and protect people in need. Donate today!

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Featured Image Credit: GSC Game World/Koch Media