Another Free PC Game Available Today On Epic Games Store

By now you should know that Epic Games is giving out a whole bunch of free games (two a month, to be precise) throughout 2019, and the next offering has just been confirmed.

The Epic Store, which you can access right here, has previously allowed people to play the likes of What Remains Of Edith Finch?, Super Meat Boy and Subnautica for the very-appealing price of free, and the next game is just as exciting.

Credit: Jackbox Games


From 24th January – 7th February you can download, play and keep the first JackBox Party Pack, just by signing up to the site. Thanks, Epic Games!

If you haven’t played this JackBox Party Pack or any in the series, it comes highly recommended from a lot of people on the GameByte team, and if you like weird and fun minigames then you’re going to enjoy this party game.

You won’t need to worry about playing with friends, as they’ll use their smartphones to access your game as you and your buddies compete for the win.

Credit: Epic Games

If you still want Edith Finch, today is the last day you can grab it, so you’ll have to act fast!

Credit: Giant Sparrow

The Epic Store is working hard to not just provide incentives for players, but for developers too.

The new-ish digital PC store hopes to pull game devs away from Steam by giving them 88% of the revenues, keeping just 12% for itself.

Right now, Steam usually takes around 30% of revenue from devs, meaning Epic Games would be seriously undercutting them with a move like this. With such potential savings for game developers, it’s easy to see why they’d want to publish their game on an Epic store page.

Have you been playing games through the Epic Store?