Another New Pokémon Game Will Be Coming Out In 2020

2019 is a fantastic year for Pokemon fans. From the release of the insanely adorable movie, Detective Pikachu, to the upcoming launch of the new Pokemon RPGs for the Nintendo Switch due later this year, it’s a good time to love your pocket monsters.

The Poke-train won’t be ending in 2019 though, as it’s been confirmed that a new mobile game is planned to release in 2020.

Credit: The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has teamed up with DeNA, a developer who’s definitely got the right experience to create a brand-new Pokemon mobile game, and a 2020 release is on the cards for the mysterious title.

DeNA is the team responsible for the likes of mammoth mobile successes Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp,Super Mario Run and the soon-to-be-released Mario Kart Tour.

With DeNA successfully having brought some of Nintendo’s best-loved IPs to mobile, we’re not too concerned about how it’ll tackle this new challenge.

We 100% trust DeNA with the Pokemon legacy.

Not too much is known about the game yet, but it could link to a job description posted by The Pokemon Company earlier this year.

The listing, which was found on the company’s US website [via FutureGameReleases], said the following:

“The Principal Game Designer will work within a team of designers, engineers, artists, producers, and tester to create an upcoming mobile game.

Credit: Niantic

“We are looking for a creative individual that not only understands the secret sauce to fun games but also can communicate that vision to others.

“This candidate will spend a lot of time coordinating with both Studio leadership and individual contributors and must have fantastic people skills.”

Although no other details are given, the listing stated that “experience with Unity is a plus.”

Pokemon Sword And Shield Starter Evolutions
Credit: Nintendo

Whether or not the listing was in reference to the newly-confirmed Pokemon mobile game…well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What would you like to see from a brand-new Pokemon mobile game?

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo