Another P.T Remake Is Here, Play It While You Can

If you missed out on your chance to play P.T, the horror “playable teaser” for the now-canned Silent Hills – then you probably feel like you’ve missed out. That’s the correct way to feel, because P.T is an absolute masterclass in horror, and it’s the only game to genuinely terrify me to my very core.

If you didn’t download the teaser when it was available back in 2014 then it’s pretty much near-impossible to play it now, as Konami was pretty quick to pull it from the PlayStation Store and then crack down on people selling PS4s with the game installed.

Credit: Konami

Thanks to various fan recreations, P.T has lived on in a way, but its iterations never really stick around for too long before the swift hammer of Konami strikes them from the interwebs. Still, it’s always worth checking out a good fan version of the teaser, and another amazing one is still playable, for now.

Developed by Artur Laczkowski [via DSO Gaming], this fan-made P.T is one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen, and it’s remarkably close to the original Hideo Kojima teaser.

Credit: Konami

Laczkowski became known in the development field after a previous P.T remake, though the artist says that this newer version is a considerably more faithful interpretation.

You can check it out in action via the YouTube video below!

YouTube video

If this is a remake that’s spooked you right up then you can download it for PC from here. If you do want to make the most of this, it’s probably worth doing sooner rather than later, as Konami probably isn’t going to let this one fly for too long judging off the company’s past reactions…

Credit: Konami

There’s also a demo available in Media Molecule’s upcoming PS4 game, Dreams. This one is considerably less faithful, but still impressive considering it was built inside a PS4. If you’re signed up for the Dreams beta then check it out.

Featured Image Credit: Konami