Apex Legends Glitch Lets You Place Infinite Wraith Portals

Who doesn’t love a glitch in a game? Okay, a lot of people. But this particular glitch is pretty mad and, to make it even more interesting, it’s been reported for weeks and nothing has been done about it yet.

Basically, in Apex Legends there is a glitch which allows Wraith to place an infinite number of portals (or ‘Dimensional Rifts’ if you’re feeling fancy). She does this by simply combining her tactical and ultimate ability with a bit of neat timing, reports dexterto.

Usually, the portals are used sparingly. You can only really do them every few minutes once your ultimate ability is charged fully.

However this glitch is letting not only Wraith, but literally EVERYONE, into the portal and allowing them to be transported.

Enjoy this other portal glitch too…

BUG: Wraith Portal insta death from r/apexlegends

Anyway, the issue goes back as far as February. You can see people have been frustrated as they’ve been going on to Fortnite to try and see if others are having a similar issue.

If your character is Wraith, you probably want to know how to do this glitch. All you have to do is activate her tactical ability shortly after using her ultimate and jumping over any small ledge. Then, the ultimate ability is instantly recharged.

No one from Respawn has commented on the glitch yet, nor does there seem to be a fix coming anytime soon.

H/T: dexterto