Apex Legends Legendary Gun Skin Has A Wholesome Reference To Respawn’s Previous Game

Before Apex Legends there was the Titanfall franchise, games which were often heralded as the best shooters of all-time, but released at a bad time and without the marketing the games really deserved.

However, there are thousands of Titanfall fans who just can’t get enough of the games, and the news of a free-to-play battle royale set in the same universe got a lot of people excited.

Apex Legends is now ridiculously popular, but Respawn hasn’t forgotten the game’s Titanfall roots (even if there’s no Titans in Apex).

On Reddit’s r/apexlegends subreddit, a user by the name of INickolai shared an in-game screenshot of one of the game’s Legendary gun skins.

“Noticed this little detail on the Mastiff skin in Apex..,” wrote the user, adding the following image.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Do you see it? How about now?

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

“That would explain its damage, the thing shoots bullet-sized fire,” commented on Redditor.

Another commenter joked: “Pseudo subliminal advertising. ‘This Apex sesh was good, but now I have this sudden unexplained craving to play TF|2….'”

Have you noticed any other Titanfall easter eggs in Apex Legends?

In other Apex news, one player has shared a tale of woe after spending $500 on the game’s loot boxes.

Apex may be free-to-play, but like almost every other game in the market right now you can also opt to purchase loot boxes to get yourself rarer cosmetics and other items.

Inside the loot boxes you have the chance to snag yourself the highest tier of loot currently available in the game – Heirlooms. Inside an Heirloom set you’ll get an intro quip, a melee weapon skin and a banner pose – things that are only available inside the Apex Packs.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Right now, the only available Heirloom pack is for Wraith, and there’s a less-than-1% chance of getting the drop.

Although it’s nice to get extra rare goodies, one Apex player is warning people against shelling out the big bucks after spending a whopping $500 on in-game loot boxes.

A Reddit user BAE339 posted on the r/apexlegends subreddit saying: “I am a 24 year old college graduate with a bachelors degree from a 4 year university. I have a full-time job, a long term girlfriend, and have my life together for the most part. This is merely to show that this can happen to anyone, not just young kids and those not educated on the predatory nature of loot boxes in games.”

The player then goes on to state that other loot boxes in games and any forms of gambling have never really appealed – until Apex Legends.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

They wrote: “What got me with Apex Crates was the guaranteed ‘pity timer’. If you open 500 crates you are guaranteed a heirloom bundle. To top it off, the only heirlooms in the game right now are for Wraith (my main) and I wanted to secure them before new ones dropped, lowering my chance to ever luck out and receive them…

“I knew from the very first crate that I would be entering into a serious sunk cost fallacy but I still couldn’t stop. I opened up crates until I reached #500, the guaranteed Wraith heirlooms.

“I can tell you it wasn’t worth it. I now own every single blue rarity item in the game, along with countless legendaries for almost every gun and legend in the game, none of which I really care for or wanted. All in the hunt for a set of items that has a less than 1 percent chance of dropping.”

You hear that? Don’t throw away money on endless loot boxes!



Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment