Apex Legends’ New Weapon Will Cost You Nearly $200

Respawn Entertainment has come under fire after the true cost of its new Iron Crown Collection for Apex Legends has come to light.

As part of the Second Season of the free-to-play shooter, the Iron Crown Collection is a special edition cosmetic set that can be purchased through loot boxes.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The Bloodhound heirloom set contains an axe, a banner pose and a kill quip, but if you want to get your hands on them it’s going to set you back around £136 GBP or $166 USD. So…it aint cheap.

The huge price tag comes as the set is only available once you’ve gotten each and every one of the other 24 rare or legendary items that are available as part of the event. You get two of these for free and the rest can be found in randomised loot boxes.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Each of these loot boxes will set you back 700 Apex coins, meaning you’ll have to spend 15,400 Apex coins to get the 22 rare and legendary items.

Once you’ve gotten your paws on the full set you can then fork over 3500 Apex coins for the Bloodhound set, putting your total expense at 18,900 Apex coins.

Depending on whether you can buy your loot boxes in bulk or if you can only afford to buy a few at a time, you could be looking at spending up to $170 USD just to get the Bloodhound set. Needless to say, players aren’t happy.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

On Twitter one player branded the move as “insulting,” while another “begged” for more free solo event packs.

The only other way to obtain the Heirloom set is via the Apex Pack loot pool. Firstly you need the Wraith Heirloom set, which is guaranteed in one of every 500 packs opened.

If you already have the Wraith Heirloom set, every pack opening you then complete will help towards opening the Bloodhound Heirloom. Again, this is one in every 500 packs guaranteed. In theory, you could open 999 packs before getting lucky here…

Would you pay the big bucks for Bloodhound’s Heirloom set?

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment