MediEvil Is Looking Incredible As New Footage Emerges

When you think of ‘PlayStation exclusives’ you probably think of the big cinematic masterpieces like The Last of Us Part 2 and Death Stranding (if that even is a PlayStation exclusive anymore…) but let’s not forget about the one and only MediEvil.

MediEvil is getting itself a remake, and some new behind-the-scenes footage has just been shown off over on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

Credit: Other Ocean Interactive

The game is looking like it’s seen a considerable improvement since the last time we laid eyes on it, and it’s hitting all the right buttons in terms of nostalgia.

Check out the video below for “a peek behind the curtain” of MediEvil with the staff at Other Ocean Interactive.

YouTube video

It’s been pretty quiet on the MediEvil front since the start of the summer, when the game was shown off during Sony’s State of Play stream. Although the game looked pretty solid, it definitely was a teeny bit rough around the edges – something which now seems to have been (thankfully) fixed.

Developer Other Ocean Interactive is busy building the remake from the source code of the original 1998 game, though we will get to see some new features that just weren’t possible to achieve at the time of the first title.

Credit: Other Ocean Interactive

Longstanding fans of the series are definitely impressed with the latest offerings about the game, and are singing MediEvil‘s praises across social media.

On Twitter, one thrilled player writes: “Ok ok ok, control this hype… I CAN’T! THIS IS PERFECT!”

It takes a lot of work to remake a PlayStation One game into a PlayStation 4 game, but it seems that Other Ocean Interactive is doing a bang-up job.

MediEvil is due to launch exclusively on PlayStation 4, October 25, 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Other Ocean Interactive