Apex Legends Player Hilariously Responds To Random Teammate Harassed By Girlfriend

The Apex Legends Reddit page is usually reserved for videos of impressive takedowns, memes, questions and theories, but occasionally you get something a little more unique passing through.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

One Redditor and Apex player named NibbatoPrime recently took to the page to offer support to someone they’d matched with in the game, and it sounds like the poor person was getting no end of grief from their girlfriend.

The user writes: “To the dude who’s gf was yelling at him while we were playing…

“You aren’t lazy or fat and you’re probably packing some fat d*ck man don’t listen to her and let it get you down.

“You mained don’t [sic] Lifeline like a f*cking god and actually called out enemies instead of pinging over and over again. Good night and good luck.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The wholesome (if that’s the right word…?) post has gotten a lot of love on Reddit, with lots of other Apex fans offering support and similar stories of their own experiences when it comes to relationships and gaming.

One person commented saying: “I’m in a 15 year relationship and when we first started going out, it was clear my SO was a gamer. By the time he was deeply into WoW (I wasn’t into it hard-core at this point) I was sad about wanting more time with him but we’d have chats about it and figure it out.

“But f*ck, I should never have brought it up to my friends. Every single one of them said he was bang out of order, he should only be spending time with me and I should delete/take away/break whatever he’s doing. This just didn’t sit right with me. It felt so selfish and unbalanced and I couldn’t believe that they were so sure those actions were correct.

“I always remember that old video of the girl smashing up her boyfriends PlayStation – some women literally believe that this is okay…”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Another shared a different story, saying: “My bf doesn’t game. So I feel guilty when I spend a day at the PC and he ambles about bored, but I’m sticking to it (I don’t even game a lot) so that he gets use to it. Obviously it’s all about compromise, but I don’t want to give up something I love.

“On the other hand his sister won’t let her husband play games at all because ‘what am I suppose to do’. I don’t understand… do whatever you want to do dammit. You aren’t joined at the hip.”

Hopefully anyone and everyone in a similar situation can find a compromise in their relationships!


Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment