Streamer Beats Every Souls Game Without Taking Any Damage

You know the old adage “It’s not as hard as Dark Souls“? It’s become something of a meme of late as more and more people tackle – and defeat – the notoriously difficult Souls games and boast about their gaming prowess.

Whether you think the games are difficult to master or just damn near impossible to beat, there’s a new contender for Best Souls Player of All Time, and it’s not likely anyone can ever do any better than this…

Credit: FromSoftware

Streamer The_Happy_Hob recently blew peoples’ minds not just by completing all of the games in the Souls series – but by doing so without taking any damage.

Just in case you missed that – he did it WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE.

Check out the moment The_Happy_Hob completed his God Run below.

The feat, which is honestly awe-inspiring, has been praised all over the internet.

Credit: FromSoftware

Celebrating the news on Twitter, The_Happy_Hob added: “Just in time for Sekiro.”

Can he play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice without taking any damage? Well, I’m sure we’re about to find out, as the latest game from FromSoftware has just hit the shelves.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice launched March 22 to overwhelmingly positive responses from both players and critics. GameByte got ahold of the collector’s edition of the game (thanks, Activision!) to unbox for you. Check it out below!

YouTube video

Have you been playing FromSofware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (and is that with or without taking any damage…?)

Credit: FromSoftware


Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware