Apex Legends Players Have Discovered A Secret Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness monster is one of the most-famous mythical creatures in folklore, and rumours of its existence are a pretty popular phenomenon in pop culture. Its latest appearance is one that no-one expected though, as Nessy has popped up in none other than Apex Legends.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Well, okay. Maybe some people did expect this – namely Titanfall players, who’ve been finding little Loch Ness dolls in Respawn’s games since way back when.

Anyway, one newly-discovered easter egg in Apex is that if you find a Nessy doll and shoot it then “A Nessy Appears…” will show up on your killfeed.

Mysterious, yes. But thanks to the Apex community it’s an easter egg that’s now been solved.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The strange occurrence is something that needed a Reddit sleuthing community behind it, don’t you think? Well now we have the /r/nessysecrets forum [via PCGamer], where fans have been collating their evidence, their maps and their sightings to find all the Nessies in the map.

The sleuths discovered something very cool, very quickly learning that shooting the dolls in order within one match will cause a special – yet oddly phallic – Nessy to appear. Check it out in the videos below.

YouTube video

Have you tried this out for yourself?


Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment.