Apex Player Demands That EA Makes His Favourite Character Straight

An Apex player has demanded that EA makes his favourite character straight.

A screenshot, posted onto Reddit, reads:

“I’ve been grinding the game and I have almost 60 kills as Gibraltar and he’s by far my favourite character in Apex. Today, I read a post about Gibraltar’s background and it said he had a boyfriend and therefore was gay,

“Please EA/Respawn, don’t make him a gay character. He’s already my main and I can’t be playing as a fag in this game,

“Thanks, and I hope you take my suggestion into consideration.”


As you can imagine, the response hasn’t been exactly understanding of this guy’s opinion.

One person wrote: “When your masculinity is so fragile that you can’t even play a character who’s gay”, while another added: “/uj ‘I’m homophobic so please stop forcing me to play as an openly gay character’. No one’s forcin’ ya bud. Feel free to go back to CoD or whatever.”

Another user took a different tact, saying: “I feel sorry for this poor guy. He played the game, loved the character, nothing told him of his sexual orientation and it didn’t matter.

“And suddenly finding out him being gay/bi changes everything for him? These anti PC hypocrite snowflakes blast way worse, screech way nastier and their facts and logic make zero sense.

I”f this sh*t came from the other direction there would have been an outrage with half a dozen of “forced diversity in muh video games SJW bad” vids on YouTube.”

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Featured Image Credit: EA