Hitman 2 Level Designer Reveals The Backstory Behind The Game’s Briefcase Meme

If you haven’t played Hitman 2, you definitely should. The latest instalment of Agent 47’s adventures is a masterclass in true stealth play, and let’s face it, killing someone with a fish is stupidly fun.

Speaking at the 2019 Yorkshire Games Festival, Hitman level designer Mette Andersen delved deep into just how IO Interactive created the awe-inspiring playground-like levels that make the game what it is.

Credit: IO Interactive

When speaking of the game’s high praise, Andersen admitted that the title’s infamous “briefcase thing” (a glitch that allowed briefcases to tail their victims to ensure a hit) wasn’t a conscious decision by the developers. It was actually a happy accident, but a happy accident that became adored by the Hitman community.

Laughing, she admitted that the suitcase is one of her favourite parts of the game, confirming that no – it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon because of how much fun players have been having with the glitch.

If you’re yet to come across the pure joy that is the Hitman 2 briefcase meme, feast your eyes on its glory below.

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Although not intentional, it’s hilarious, and somehow seems to work with the anything-and-everything-is-a-weapon world of Hitman.

When talking about the level design, Andersen spoke at length about the process the team at IO Interactive go through to bring the best experience to the player.

Speaking of weapons in the game, Andersen looked at how people use their life experience to interact with their environments, and how this could be emulated in Hitman.

Credit: IO Interactive

“If we dropped you into a normal household and told you to kill someone…you’d know ‘okay go to the kitchen to find knives, I can probably find something to poison someone under the sink.’ These are all things encoded into us,” she explained.

Andersen demonstrated how this is the key thinking behind Hitman’s flexibility and options for weapons, giving the player the freedom to play as they wish.

Credit: IO Interactive

If you haven’t played Hitman 2, definitely give it a go.

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Featured Image Credit: IO Interactive.