Arma 3 Will Be Seeing An Alien Invasion In New Expansion

Things are about to get extra-terrestrial for Arma 3 players thanks to its recently-announced new expansion pack, Contact.

Over on Arma 3’s official website, the expansion pack’s description reads as follows: “As Specialist Aiden Rudwell, you are a NATO drone operator taking part in a military training exercise on Livonia.

Credit: Bohemia Interactive

“When a massive alien vessel enters the atmosphere, you are sent on a reconnaissance mission to investigate the extraterrestrial presence. The priority: to learn who or what they are, and find out why they are here. However, with our very existence in the balance, different interpretations fueled by a region-wide blackout quickly prove to be a surefire way to conflict.

“Over the course of this campaign, you will engage in field science, electronic warfare, and combat recon, in an experience delivered in authentic Arma 3 style.”

Credit: Bohemia Interactive

Contact marks the first time that things have gotten a little creepy in the usually hyper-realistic military simulation game.

“Many of us have wondered if humanity is alone in the universe. I, for one, want to believe we are not. The premise of intelligent life visiting Earth from outer space has fascinated me since childhood, and combining that with the military authenticity of Arma 3 always seemed like it would make for a very cool and unique experience”, said project lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land [via PCGamer].

Credit: Bohemia Interactive

“After our team’s previous project—Laws of War DLC—proved that players enjoy gameplay that’s a little different, our team felt motivated to go for it. I am personally very grateful for the opportunity to explore this theme, and I want to thank all Arma 3 players for their support and making it possible for this dream to come true.”   

Arma 3 Contact is set to launch on July 25 with an RRP of $28 USD/£22 GBP.

Credit: Bohemia Interactive

You can pick it up on Steam and the Bohemia Store with a 10% discount available until August 1.

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Featured Image Credit: Bohemia Interactive