Telltale Games Titles Will Be Removed From Sale In Just A Few Days

Lee will Remember That.

Credit: Telltale Games

It’s been confirmed that in just a few days’ time, Telltale Games title will be pulled from sale on both GOG and Steam storefronts.

Telltale Games, known for its immersive and heart-wrenching decision-based narrative adventure games, closed its doors last year, leaving over 200 people unemployed. The closure led to the gaming industry crying out for better benefits and union support.

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Credit: Telltale Games

For GOG users, the following games will become unavailable for purchase from May 27 2019 [via PCGamer]. If you already own the games through GOG, they’ll still be available to play.

  • The Wolf Among Us
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Hector: Badge of Carnage
  • The Batman series
  • Sam & Max series
  • Puzzle Agent series
  • Tales from the Borderlands
  • Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

A customer relations representative GOG said on the site’s forums: “Sadly, we need to inform you that, due to company’s closure, all the remaining Telltale titles will be delisted from our catalog on Monday, May 27, 10am UTC.”

Credit: Telltale Games

As for Steam users, it’s been confirmed that Tales from the Borderlands has been delisted, though it’s not been officially stated whether or not the rest of Telltale’s games will follow suit.


Speaking to Eurogamer about the news, a 2K Games spokesperson said: “We are working to get Tales from the Borderlands back up on digital storefronts as soon as possible,

“All prior digital purchases of the game will of course still be honored and supported.” 

Credit: Telltale Games

It’s believed it won’t be too long until all of the Telltale games are pulled from sale on Steam, though Valve has yet to comment.

Kotaku spoke with one former Telltale developer who said: “Seeing games they crunched over and poured their hearts into suddenly disappear from the universe is a huge gut-punch.”

Hopefully the Telltale developers will find a new path.

Featured Image Credit: Telltale Games

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