ATLAS Taken Offline After Whales And Tanks Start Spawning Everywhere

ATLAS, the pirate MMO from the devs of Ark, has legions of adoring fans who have been left confused and saddened thanks to the very strange appearance of hundreds of whales in the games.

The MMO was taken offline after an admin’s steam account became “compromised,” which caused World War 2 tanks, aeroplanes and even whales to spawn into the map.

Credit: Grapeshot Games


The phenomenon was captured on camera during a Twitch stream by BurkeBlack, when a shocking amount of whales just started spawning mid-mission.

Check out the shenanigans in the clip below.

It wasn’t just whales that ruined BurkeBlack’s game though as WW2 aircrafts suddenly attempted to bring down his ship. At least whales make a little sense in a pirate MMO…

Posting on the official ATLAS website, the devs issues the following statement: “Pathfinders,

“Earlier today, an admin’s steam account was compromised and used to cause some devastation on our Official NA PvP Network. To be clear this was not caused by a hack, third party program, or exploit.

Credit: Grapeshot Games


“We have taken the appropriate steps to ensure this does not happen again. We’ll be rolling back our Official NA PvP Network by approximately 5 and a half hours to a network world save at approximately 11 AM UTC (3 AM PST/6 AM EST). We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank for your patience and understanding during this time.”

Players aren’t best thrilled with ATLAS right now. It’s not the first time the game’s been taken offline, and Reddit is still reporting the spawn-ins happening…

Definitely the weirdest gaming story of 2019!

Credit: Grapeshot Games


Featured Image Credit: Grapeshot Games.