Atomic Heart composer donates fee to Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Atomic Heart composer Mick Gordon has donated his entire fee to Red Cross Australia’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Atomic Heart is an impressive-looking first-person shooter with RPG mechanics. It looks like a blend of BioShock as well as Wolfenstein: The New Order. In Atomic Heart, players take control of a KGB agent. What’s more, the story tells a ‘what if’ scenario of the Russians defeating the Germans in World War 2.

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Atomic Heart developers met a barrage of backlash

In January 2023, Russian developer, Mundfish were met with backlash after refusing to acknowledge Putin’s invasion in a statement. The statement was in response to accusations of Mundfish being funded by the Russian government as well as gathering data for the authorities.

Rather than acknowledging the invasion directly and that they are against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the developer said it’s: “a pro-peace organisation against violence against people.

However, in support of Ukraine, DOOM and Atomic Heart composer, Mick Gordon announced in a tweet this week that he’s donated his entire fee to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

What’s more, Gordon explained his decision in an additional statement provided to Eurogamer.

I donated to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal specifically because I wanted to help provide emergency relief and longer-term humanitarian support to people and communities affected by the war in Ukraine,” said Gordon.

DOOM composer makes a generous gesture

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Credit: Bethesda/id Software

He continued: “As someone who started working on Atomic Heart almost two years before the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, I understand that the situation in the region is incredibly difficult and that many people have been affected by the conflict. 

I want to make it very clear that I vehemently condemn Putin’s violent aggression toward Ukraine and stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. It is unacceptable for any government to use military force to annex another country’s territory and violate international law and human rights principles. 

The ongoing conflict has resulted in widespread human suffering, and it is our collective responsibility to support those affected and work towards a peaceful resolution.

Gordon shows support for the developer

Gordon then went on to show his support for Mundfish, now said to be located in Cyrus.

atomic heart
Credit: Mundfish

I believe it is important to separate the actions of a government from the actions of individual citizens,” he continued. “The talented team at Mundfish has worked hard for many years to create a unique and imaginative project, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to it.

The game is a truly international effort, with 130 developers contributing to the project from more than ten different countries. I deeply respect the artistry and creativity that went into the development of Atomic Heart, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the Mundfish team. 

I also have a strong ethical and moral obligation to help those in need and stand up for what I believe is right.” He added: “I hope that by making my donation public, I can also encourage others to consider making a difference.

Atomic Hearts will release for PC, PlayStation and Xbox on 21st February as well as launching on Xbox Game Pass. Finally, are you looking forward to Atmoic Heart? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Mundfish/Source: Eurogamer