Batman Arkham Devs’ New Game Will Be Suicide Squad, Claims Report

There’s reportedly been a new Batman game in the works over at Rocksteady, with an official reveal expected during E3 2020 (before the expo’s cancellation, of course), but it seems that’s not the only DC game in the works.

Rocksteady Games/WB Montreal

We’ve heard lots of rumours around both the future of the Batman Arkham games, and the potential for more DC titles over the last few months but now it seems we might finally be looking at a solid leak, courtesy of Eurogamer.

The publication reports that, along with a new Batman Arkham game, there’s also set to be a Suicide Squad title too. Eurogamer has done some digging following a recent Restera leak, which saw a number of Suicide Squad-related domain names get snapped up by Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Eurogamer reports that their own investigations of this have proven this to be true, though of course, we have to suggest you take it with a pinch of salt until an official reveal.

Some of the registered domain names include “,” “” and “”

According to Eurogamer, “Gotham Knights Game” is set to be the next Batman Arkham title, which is being worked on over at Batman Arkham Origins studio, Warner Bros. Montreal. It’s believed both games will be revealed during Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC Fandome event in August.

Credit: Rocksteady Games/WB Montreal

Back in May 2019, we reported on the rumour of a Suicide Squad game which was allegedly going to be very much like Destiny.

Supposed marketing materials for the game popped up on a Reset Era forum that seem to suggest WB Montreal was expecting to reveal the game just a week before E3 2019.

The ‘leaked’ document also had a striking resemblance to an early Mortal Kombat 11 leak, which came out in the same way and turned out to be 100% correct.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The doc said we could expect a CG trailer focusing on iconic Batman antagonist R’as al Ghul and “all the other villains.” The trailer and announcement was expected to drop on June 4, 2019.

The report then went on to claim that Ghul is “the exclusive timed raid mission that will be available to pre-order.”

Now obviously the dates there aren’t correct, but could the rest of it be true? Only time will tell!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.