Leak Shows Destiny-Like Suicide Squad Game Could Be Coming

Let’s face it – the Suicide Squad movie wasn’t that great, but it could make for a pretty interesting video game, as long as it’s in the right hands…maybe, say, the hands of the Arkham games?

Rumour suggests that WB Montreal’s next DC game could be none other than a Suicide Squad game, and it could play similar to Destiny [via GamesRadar].

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Now in the interest of transparency, the leak doesn’t come from the most credible place on the internet. It comes from 4Chan, BUT there’s reason to suggest it really it legitimate.

Marketing materials for the game popped up on a ResetERA forum that seem to suggest WB Montreal is expecting to reveal the game just a week before E3 2019.

The ‘leaked’ document also bears a striking resemblance to the Mortal Kombat 11 leak, which came out in the same way and turned out to be 100% correct.

The doc says we can expect a CG trailer focusing on iconic Batman antagonist R’as al Ghul and “all the other villains.” The trailer and announcement is expected to drop on June 4.

The report then goes on to claim that Ghul is “the exclusive timed raid mission that will be available to pre-order.”

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

After the trailer reveal, WB Montreal will then apparently show a “Gotham trailer,” with a playable metropolis and a “Star City trailer” which will show the most-recent iteration of Arrow.

If the leak is correct, we can also expect a game that features online multiplayer, loot-hunting, team gameplay and a release date of sometime early in 2020. GamesRadar compares the leak’s information to the likes of Destiny 2, suggesting it might bear more than a passing resemblance, at least in terms of mechanics.

Before you go dismissing this, it appears to have the seal of approval from Jason Schreier, industry insider and generally very knowledgable leaker.

Credit: Warner Bros. Games

Schreier reportedly responded to a tweet about the rumours, with an answer that suggests they’re completely true.

Check out the supposed evidence in the tweet below.


What do you think of the ‘news’?

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures