Battlefield 5 Shows Off An Intense Snippet Of Its Gamescom Trailer 

Battlefield 5 is nearly here (sort of) and to celebrate we’ve all been treated to a sneak-preview of what we can expect at this year’s Gamescom. 

Okay so technically this is a trailer for a trailer, but it’s Battlefield, it looks phenomenal and we’re most definitely excited after not hearing too much about the upcoming title in a while! 

The first look at the snippet only gives a few seconds of footage, but it’s enough to whet our appetites. 

You can check out the teaser for the trailer below, and let us know what you think! 

The latest trailer for Battlefield 5 will release tomorrow, which means we at least don’t have to wait for the big reveal at Gamescom next week… 

Gamescom is taking place starting from 21st August and will run until the 25th August 2018. There’s expected to be some really great games on show, and of course GameByte will be there to keep you updated on the action. 

For those eagerly awaiting the release of Battlefield 5, it’s now been confirmed that the standard edition of the game will be releasing 19th October 2018, but if you’re after the premium edition then you’ll get it a whole three days earlier than the rest of the world, on 16th October. 

If you’re an EA or Origins Access subscriber then you can actually get the game on 11th October, and show off to all your friends that you’re playing before them.

Unless your pals have been taking part in the open alpha of course…

Speaking of which, after two alphas, the beta for the game is expected to release in September, though there’s been no official launch date announced as of yet.

Are you excited for Battlefield 5 and will you be tuning in to Gamescom 2018? Which edition of the new Battlefield will you be ordering?