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Bayonetta Character Designer Announces New Studio: ‘Unseen’

Bayonetta character designer Ikumi Nakamura has revealed her new studio, Unseen Inc.

Yesterday, Nakamura announced her new studio Unseen, and showed off a brief video of her discussing her thoughts as a creator. “As an artist, a game developer and a mother I always feel like I’m on a continuous quest to find my place, said Nakamura in the video.

When the pandemic struck my worldview changed. I was concerned how the changes in the world, in addition to becoming a mother, would alter the creator within. In the end, I needn’t have worried. Underneath, I’m still the same creator I’ve always been.

YouTube video

Along with the video of Nakamura discussing Unseen, a website was released showing some of the staff currently at the studio. This photographer and previous Ubisoft artistic director Liam Wong, Capcom’s Misuzu Watanabe, and Tango Gameworks’ Naoki Katakai.

Unseen is a borderless and mysterious game development studio created by artists,” reads a press release. Unseen has not yet announced its first game, but the design of the website clearly shows that it is very artist led. As each member of staff has their own stylised illustrated portrait. 

Nakamura is best known for her work on Bayonetta as the titular character’s protagonist. You may also recognise her as the vibrant personality who introduced us to Ghostwire Tokyo a few years ago, on which she worked as the original creative director.


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Featured Image Credit: PlatinumGames/ Unseen/ Ikumi Nakamura