Become The Best Spellcaster At School In Witchery Academy

We’ve all wanted to be a witch or wizard learning the ways of potions, spellcasting and magical agriculture in a boarding school at some point in our lives, and Witchery Academy aims to give us just that experience.

Credit: Cubenary

Coming to PC, Witchery Academy is being developed and published by Cubenary, a two-person indie studio with a penchant for pointy hats and lots of cats.

A life simulator for all the budding witches and wizards out there, Witchery Academy’s school life is “full of exciting new experiences where wizard students learn new skills such as spell casting, gardening in the botanic class, potions brewery, crafting and much more.”

You’ll be able to live out your best magical life possible in a game that looks Stardew Valley with a magical – and three-dimensional – twist.

Credit: Cubenary

As the game’s website explains, Witchery Academy sounds like the happy-go-lucky magic sim of our dreams.

“Spend days learning whimsical spells, growing fantastical vegetables, brewing powerful potions and meeting other students while exploring the world outside the academy,” says the site.

You’ll even be able to make friends with your feline familiar – and yes – you will be able to pet your cat!

Credit: Cubenary

Cubenary says: “Enjoy chilling with your spirit companion, form a strong bond with it giving it love with pats, treats and games. Your cat will always be there for you.”

If this sounds like a dream come true for you, there’s hopefully not too long to wait until the game’s official launch.

Witchery Academy is currently targeting a 2022 release for PC, though a console release hasn’t been ruled out by the developers.

Check out more from the game and see it in action in the new trailer below!

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: Cubenary