BioShock-like ‘Atomic Heart’ delayed into 2023

BioShock-like Atomic Heart has been delayed into 2023. However, it has gained a new publisher with Focus Entertainment.

Announced in 2017, fans have been eagerly awaiting news and a solid release date for the action RPG FPS. Developed by Russian studio Mundfish, Atomic Heart is also inspired by the likes of DOOM as well as the Fallout series.

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Atomic Heart was intended to release this year; however, it will now launch sometime in 2023. The reason for the delay is to add additional polish in order to deliver the game of “the highest quality”, says the developer.

Atomic Hearts devs have big dreams

Five years ago, when we founded the studio, we set ourselves the goal of creating a world-class product that could be appreciated by millions of people all over the world,” said Robert Bagratuni, CEO of Mundfish. 

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Credit: Mundfish

And now, when the stakes are as high as ever, we are finally ready to release the momentum we have been accumulating over these years,” added Bagratuni. We couldn’t be happier to head to the release with such an experienced publisher, and we have no doubt that Focus Entertainment will make the upcoming game launch truly outstanding.

An Atomic Heart release date will be announced soon

While Mundfish or Focus Entertainment hasn’t announced a solid release date for Atomic Heart, it has been promised to be revealed “shortly”. However, while we wait, a brand-new “Combat” gameplay trailer from Gamescom 2022 has been released.

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Atomic Heart will launch in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Furthermore, it will also launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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Featured Image Credit: Mundfish/Source: Focus Entertainment