BioWare Reveals First Story Details For Dragon Age 4

gamescom 2020 kicked off in style yesterday, August 27, but the stand-out game of the evening was Dragon Age 4.

Credit: EA/BioWare

BioWare showed off a behind-the-scenes look at some of the developers working hard on the next Dragon Age adventure, and though we didn’t get to see any gameplay or even a trailer, we did get to hear some snippets about the game.

According to the sneak peek, Dragon Age 4 is “still in early development,” which explains why all we’ve seen of it so far is concept art shown off earlier this summer during EA Play.

The game has been confirmed to feature new characters, with the company teasing “innovative” new content.

Credit: EA/BioWare

The team also referenced the huge scope of the series so far, speaking of the game’s “hardboiled detective” themes when it comes to the story. Does this mean we expect more of the same in the next Dragon Age? I think so!

The video also speaks of Dragon Age’s “original world,” with original flora, wildlife and architecture. We’re also told the next game will give players the opportunity to see new places and interact with people who’ve grown up in these worlds. To me, that sounds like we’re getting some seriously three-dimensional NPCs.

Credit: EA/BioWare

According to the developers, the next Dragon Age will focus on NOT having power, asking questions like “What happens when the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues?”

We’ll be seeing a game with more of a focus on the people, including those around you like your family and friends, with the aim of the game being to create characters who “feel real” for the player. Sounds like an emotional journey!

Check out all the concept art and all of the details we know about Dragon Age 4 (if it’s even going to be called that) in the video below!

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: EA/BioWare