Bloodborne Players Are Holding Their Own Halloween Event

If you’ve yet to be invited to a Halloween party this year then don’t worry – you can attend one from the comfort of your own home thanks to the Bloodborne community.

Fans of the iconic FromSoftware classic have banded together on Reddit, where they’ve together decided that a month-long Halloween celebration is in order within the Gothic realm of Yharnam. Count me in!

Credit: FromSoftware

As shared to the r/Bloodborne subreddit by Bloodborne super fan whodey226, the post reads: “Fellow Hoonters, Let’s return to Yharnam for Halloween. From October 5th to November 5th roll a new character and take to the streets of Yharnam for the hoont!”

Of course, there are a few rules you’ll have to follow, including starting the game with “a fresh character,” and beginning on October 5th 2019.

Credit: FromSoftware

The post has been updated with a Costume List for the fandom, which reads as follows:

Grim Reaper: Crow Hunter Outfit, Foreigner hood, Burial blade

Masked Hoonter; Gold Ardeo Crowfeather Garb, Executioner Gloves, Bone Leggings

Invasion and resonance bells are requested to ensure the party has a “lot of life and community vibes.”

Credit: FromSoftware

The “hoont” will kick off “at midnight Friday night/Saturday morning Oct 4/5 in whatever time zone you’re in.”

Over on Twitter, one gamer writes: “I’m secretly hoping though that this will breathe another breath of life into Bloodborne and fire up the online scene for it once more.”

Excitingly, the event will be continuing on past All Hallows’ Eve, running right up until November 5th. You gotta love a fan event to celebrate this oh-so-spooky time of year.

If you want to join in you can check out the Reddit post details in full right here.

Will you be donning your in-game costume to make a return to Bloodborne?

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware