WATCH: Gamer Beats Kingdom Hearts With A Dance Pad

You know what I love to see? I love to see people beat games in weird and wonderful ways, and watching a gamer beat Kingdom Hearts using just a dance pad is definitely one of the highlights of my 2019.

YouTuber and Twitch Partner SarahKey absolutely smashed through the Square Enix classic in a video can watch below, and it looks like a brilliant way to breathe some new life into the game.

YouTube video

In the video description SarahKey writes: “This took a long time to edit, but it still probably has some mistakes. I hope you enjoy, regardless! I had a lot of fun playing Kingdom Hearts with a dance pad.”

Sharing her achievement to Twitter, SarahKey jokes: “I actually cannot believe I beat this brat with a dance pad first try.”

Nice job, SarahKey! Go check out her streams over on Twitch right here.

Credit: Square Enix

Speaking of impressive out-of-the-boxing thinking in video games, a Minecraft player has managed to beat the game without taking a single step.

TheHeightAdvantage managed to get over to and then defeat the Ender Dragon only ever using his legs to hop and climb, but this simple idea took a lot more work than you might think.

Credit: Mojang

The pro Minecraft player used the unbound walking keys in his self-created world and got straight down to business collecting resources and crafting while standing in the same spot.

Eventually a pig is saddled and that makes things a little easier for TheHeightAdvantage, but even with ‘LittleTimmy’ helping in the quest, it’s still a long but impressive slog.

Don’t let me walk you through it though – check out TheHeightAdvantage’s efforts in his video below!

YouTube video

Have you ever completed a game with some serious – and strange – restrictions in place?

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix