Bloodborne Remake Is In Development, Says God of War Designer

It has been revealed that a Bloodborne Remake is in development according to God of War designer David Jaffe. Here’s what we know.

Despite first releasing back in 2015, FromSoftware’s Bloodborne still has a dedicated fan base. Luckily for them, it has been revealed that a remake is currently in development. This news comes courtesy of God of War and Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe. 

Bloodborne Remake Is In Development

In this week’s episode of Gabbin’ + Games, talk turned to the remake during a discussion about the upcoming PlayStation Showcase. It was here Jaffe revealed that he had “heard about Bloodborne” but was unsure if it would appear in the showcase.  

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During the livestream, Jaffe replied to a comment stating “[the showcase] is missing Bloodborne for me”. He replied, “Oh yeah. I loved that game man. I don’t know if it’s a remaster, I don’t know if it’s just a PC version, but we know it’s in development. But when are they gonna show it? I don’t f—in’ know.”

No news For Bloodborne 2

Although a Bloodborne Remake is seemingly in development, Jaffe doesn’t have the same hopes for its sequel. When asked about it, he replied, “I don’t think Bloodborne 2 is in development.”

However, a remake is still exciting news, especially considering GamesBeat reporter and insider Jeff Grubb announced “nothing was happening” with the game last September. This was attributed to the FromSoftware team being too busy with Elden Ring. 

This is not surprising with the knowledge that players can expect the Elden Ring DLC ‘Shadows of the Erdtree’ “soon”. However it seems as though the studio have found some time to revisit an old title. 

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It remains to be seen when we can expect to see the Bloodborne remake but news it is happening is good enough for now. 

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