Boring ‘Left 4 Dead 3 Screenshots’ Leaked By YouTuber

Hi, remember Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2? Of course you do, they’re two of the best co-operative survival horror experiences out there, and the rumours of a third addition to the franchise crop up about as often as Half-Life 3 rumours do.

Sadly, both Valve projects are likely to never see the light of day, but that doesn’t stop them hitting the headlines every once in a while.

The latest rumours come courtesy of YouTuber Tyler McVicker, who runs a Valve-devoted channel and who claimed to have 29 Left 4 Dead 3 screenshots thanks to a leak [via GamesRadar].

Credit: Valve

The screenshots were announced to be from the scrapped Left 4 Dead 3 from a few years ago, though the legitimacy of them has yet to be proved.

As the news of the screenshots began to spread, McVicker confirmed that the 29 images were behind a paywall, which only his Patreon supporters initially being to access them.

Now the screenshots are public, and…well…they leave a LOT to be desired.

The images show off very beige, boring and lifeless assets that don’t look particularly like anything, and they definitely don’t look like Valve’s next foray into the world of Left 4 Dead.

Image via VNN on Imgur

Sharing the supposed leak in a video on his channel got very, very lukewarm responses from viewers.

“Wow it’s literally nothing,” commented one.

Another added: “April Fools is 18 days ago Valve haha funny.. hah..”

“‘Screenshots,'” commented one viewer. “More like nothing lol.”

Check out the video in all its beige-ness below.

YouTube video

It’s not too clear whether these actually were some never-published levels from the scrapped project, or if this is nothing more than someone using some Counter Strike: GO assets to generate some buzz for a game that, sadly, will never exist (probably).

Credit: Turtle Rock/Valve

I guess we’ll go back to dreaming of a world where Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 live together in perfect harmony…

Featured Image Credit: Valve/Turtle Rock