Borderlands 3 Says Goodbye To Gameplay Feature From BL2

With Borderlands 3 releasing in just a few months’ time, Gearbox has been slowly but surely drip-feeding us new tidbits to tide us over until its launch date, and we’ve already learned quite a bit about the upcoming game.

Credit: Gearbox

Over on Twitter, Gearbox’s one and only Randy Pitchford told Borderlands fans that the infamous ‘Slag’ feature was BL2 was no more.

Responding to a fan question, Pitchford replied: “There is no slag – we replaced it with something that actually makes a little sense. The new ‘element’ damage type, which is like a nuclear radiation effect, has a similar effect to slag (increased vulnerability by those affected) and also has a damage-over-time component.”

If you didn’t get around to playing Borderlands 2, ‘Slag’ was introduced and could coat your enemies in a purple colour.

Once purple, your foes would take more damage when hit.

Credit: Gearbox

Although not everyone was a fan of the feature, people are keen to see how this supposed “radiation” will work in its place.

On Twitter, one Borderlands fan said: “I’m hoping this is incorporated better that Slag. Slag was a good idea but it was a requirement in End Game builds of #Borderlands2.”

Another queried the usefulness of a green or yellow “radiation” colour over the stand-out purple, saying: “Purple is a lot easier to identify against other element colors than radiation’s color. Radiation’s yellow-green vs. corrosive’s green, or vs. explosive’s yellow.”

It’ll definitely be interesting to compare the new gameplay mechanics of Borderlands 3 to Borderlands 2!

Credit: Gearbox

The first gameplay reveal for the upcoming Gearbox title will be showcased on May 1.

The unveiling will also feature “commentary from the Gearbox development team on everything from the new Vault Hunters and their respective skills to interplanetary travel and sweet, sweet loot.”

After the stream “literally hundreds” of livestreamers will take to their channels to showcase Borderlands 3 and give their first impressions of the game.

Borderlands 3 arrives on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 13, 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Gearbox