‘Boycott Sword And Shield’ Didn’t Work, Pokémon Sales Smash Records

Despite the internet’s best efforts to get people to boycott Pokémon Sword and Shield, the games have smashed sales records for Nintendo, absolutely dominating the gaming market since they launched.

Following the controversies over re-used game assets and a trimmed-down Pokedex, lots of people were hoping that sales of the games would drop. A number of hashtags, including #GameFreakLied, were trending across social media on the run up to launch day, and people were crying out for others to boycott the games.

Credit: Nintendo

However, this is Pokémon, and not just any Pokémon, but the first mainline games to launch on the Nintendo Switch. Unsurprisingly, the games have sold amazingly well and even beaten out previous Switch game sales numbers.

According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Pokémon Sword and Shield have sold 2 million copies in the US after just two days on the market. This is a huge increase on Nintendo’s last heavy hitter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which sold 3 million copies in the US after 11 days on the market.

In total, more than 6 million copies of Sword and Shield have been shifted worldwide, and with Christmas coming, that number is only set to rise.

Nintendo has confirmed the games are “among the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch games of all time,” and that they have had the “highest-grossing launch of any Pokémon game.”

Credit: Instagram/Nintendo

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo