Breath Of The Wild Has Been Beaten Using Only A Shield

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild is undoubtedly one of the best games of all time. Despite it now being over two years old (yes, really), it’s the game that keeps on giving thanks to its massive world and myriad of ways to play.

One of the latest impressive accomplishments from BOTW players comes from pro gamer, PointCrow, who recently completed the game without using any weapons [via Kotaku].

Credit: Nintendo

PointCrow managed to beat the game, taking down Calamity Ganon and all, using just shields, for a seriously impressive playthrough that’s actually baffled my head a little bit.

The total play time for the run sits at around the 27 hour mark, with a good three hours of that being spent on the boss. Now that’s patience!

Credit: Nintendo

Sharing a 37-minute-long highlight video to YouTube, PointCrow writes: “Starting out, the entire idea of this playthrough was incepted by the fact 1/3 of all the comments on my last Breath of the Wild challenge were ‘oh but aren’t bombs weapons?’.

“The reddit post is here and I beat the game using simply bombs and shields (no weapons, no bows). SO, in order to prove everyone who said that wrong, I redid the run but this time WITHOUT using the bomb rune a single time.

Credit: Nintendo

“That’s right: no weapons, no bows, no arrows, and not even using the bomb rune once. I also did it because it’s fun to play the game like this for me, no one’s ever completed something like this, and why the hell not? It’s fun to theorycraft!”

Check out the video in all its glory below.

YouTube video

Hats off to PointCrow – he definitely showed those Reddit naysayers!

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo