Breath Of The Wild Randomiser Mod Is Supposed To Be A Big Challenge

If you feel that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was in need of some chaos, then one fan has developed just the randomiser for you.

Waikuteru has made a mod for Breath of the Wild that randomises various elements in the game. And it’s coming for free this Christmas.

The Zelda randomiser seems like it’s going to offer some real challenges for players. Waikuteru has posted a video detailing what the mod will contain. To start, item drops are completely randomised. This ranges from chests, to item drops upon killing a Bokoblin, to giving Beedle a beetle. On top of that, there’s a small chance that when you fast travel you’ll be warped to a random location.

YouTube video

But as Waikuteru states in the video, that isn’t it. There’s options to let any kind of enemy spawn anywhere in the world. They’ve also added the ability to turn off abilities, and being able to drink potions too. And in typical Zelda time travel fashion, you can randomise the time of day too.

If you haven’t seen a randomiser before, they essentially do what they say on the tin. Games like TLOZ: Ocarina of Time are very popular for doing randomisers. In particular because Ocarina of Time has been played to death, you might need something to spruce it up.

For more classic Zelda randomisers, normally it’s just items and key items that are randomised, but Waikuteru wanted to redefine what a randomiser could be for something like Breath of the Wild. It certainly seems like they went all out for this particular randomiser. You can check out more details on their Patreon page.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo