Brie Larson Announces Metaverse Project With Crypto And NFTs

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has shown off her “lil corner” of the some·place metaverse on Twitter, and fans are not happy.

Unfortunately, wherever you go there seems to be a celebrity that is shilling some kind of NFT or metaverse thing. It seems that none of them are immune to the lure of a worse version of Second Life. And that includes Brie Larson, best known for her roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and 2015’s Room.

In the early hours of the morning (for the UK at least), Larson shared a tweet showing off a virtual avatar of herself in a metaverse called some·place. “Welcome to my lil corner of the @some_place metaverse. Can’t wait to welcome you all in soon,” wrote the actress.

The tweet was accompanied by a video showing her virtual self in an art gallery, with just, some guy? It’s hard to tell who she’s meant to be with, as her own avatar looks nothing like her. He’s also wearing a VR headset, for some reason.

Judging by the way she’s interacting with him, it could be her partner, fellow actor and director Elijah Allan-Blitz. It seems that Allan-Blitz is into VR, as he has directed multiple VR experiences for PBS and HBO. For some reason the entire video is silent, adding a massive eeriness to the whole thing. The two of them are also accompanied by a woman with a voxel avatar, and three of them go to get coffee. 

One user very aptly pointed out that Larson can in fact get coffee in the real world. And another of other fans of the actress also expressed how they aren’t happy with Larson’s decision to get into NFTs.

Whether she sticks with this whole marketing campaign or not is unclear. But we do know thanks to a Forbes report that interest in NFTs and the metaverse is quickly declining. So hopefully we don’t have to hear about this kind of thing for too much longer.

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Featured Image Credit: Brie Larson/ Jessica Cicchetto/ some place