Video Game Accessibility Awards Featured Games That Welcome More Players

The second annual Video Game Accessibility Awards was held over the weekend, with awards going to games like Halo Infinite and It Takes Two.

In more recent years, the important conversation of accessibility in games has grown a lot. It’s still not perfect, but now at least for two years in a row, a whole awards show dedicated to accessibility in games has been hosted.

This year’s Video Game Accessibility Awards was hosted by AbleGamers’ Steven Spohn, and podcaster and developer Alanah Pearce. A number of streamers and YouTubers were also involved, like Jacksepticeye. As well as Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. 

YouTube video

There was a big range of awards given out at the show as well. Halo Infinite took home the Training Grounds prize. This celebrated games that gave players the chance to learn how the game works before jumping into the main bulk of the game.

The Game Awards Game of the Year It Takes Two took home the prize for Peer Assistance. This prize was focused on games that let you bring in a friend to help you play. The House Rules award went to Among Us, which was also the only nominee, which was about letting players customise the rules of a game however they want.

The entire show is well worth a watch, not just because it’s a way to celebrate games, but because it’s putting an incredibly important but underappreciated aspect of games on a big pedestal. Accessibility options are getting better, but there is still a long way to go. So the more we talk about it, the more likely we are to see change. 

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries/ Hazelight Studios