Bugsnax Is Getting A BIG DLC For Free Next Year

The odd and lovable Bugsnax is getting a pretty big DLC for free next year. It was announced during last night’s State of Play event.

Bugsnax was released last November for PC, PS4, and PS5. It’s a first-person adventure where players explore Snaktooth Island and are tasked with discovering species of Bugsnax. The bugs of the island look like regular bugs, but they’re not. They’re made up of all kinds of different food. In an odd way, I find them a little creepy.

However, fans of Bugsnax are about to get even more odd bugs to discover and a brand-new island to explore. Happy days!

Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax will give players, “new area to explore, new Bugsnax to catch, and a new mystery to uncover.” The update is described as “substantial” and best of all, it’s free and it arrives early next year.

Credit: Young Horses

Think Bioshock, meets Viva Pinata, meets Pokemon Snap. That’s Bugsnax.

The story of The Isle of Bigsnax involves a: “mysterious island crawling with supersized Bugsnax has surfaced from the bottom of the ocean! Get ready to reunite with your favourite grumpuses and launch an expedition to discover what massive secrets the island has in store.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, the developers of Bugsnax, Young Horses said: “We’re beyond excited to be working with our beloved voice cast again!” The Isle of Bigsnax will also include new creatures, characters, challenges, and decorations to customise your hut to make it “the snazziest on the island.

YouTube video

Bugsnax is available for PC (via Epic Games Store), PS4 and PS5. The Isle of Bigsnax will launch early next year.

In our review of Bugsnax, we said: “Think Bioshock, meets Viva Pinata, meets Pokemon Snap. That’s Bugsnax. I can finally rest, I know the answer to my questions.

Are you looking forward to exploring a new island with the big free update? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Young Horses