Call It a Comeback! EA’s Fight Night Might Be Set for Return!

Call It a Comeback! EA’s Fight Night Might Be Set for Return!


EA’s popular boxing series Fight Night last saw a release way back in 2011 with Fight Night: Champions.  Not only was this a fantastic game with legendary boxes of past and present, but it also had a very decent campaign mode, which for its time as a sports game, wasn’t all that common to have such a cinematic story campaign within the sports genre.

So fans, included myself have been eagerly awaiting a new game in the series with EA’s UFC series taking a centre stage in the world of combat sports in videogames.  However, thanks to big-time boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, he is leading the charge in an attempt to persuade the folks at EA to bring us the well-overdue Fight Night entry.

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Credit: EA Games

While taking part in an interview with YouTube channel Thaboxingvoice, Eddie Hearn revealed that he has contacted developers at EA Sports saying “Do you realise how many questions I get about Fight Night games, let me bring it back? and they replied by saying “Oh, we’re looking at it” and he further encouraged EA to make this happen during the interview.

Will EA finally take action and give the devoted fans the new Fight Night game we crave?  Only time will tell, but it’s quite mad that the series is yet to appear in this console generation.  However, having a public figure such as Eddie Hearn promoting the cause, certainly can’t hinder our chances.  You can watch the interview with Thaboxingvoice in full below.

Are you the one of the many that is eager to see a new Fight Night?  Make sure that EA hears your voice across the social media.


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