Call of Duty 2020 Gameplay Has Reportedly Been Leaked

Call of Duty 2020 has yet to be announced, but it seem as though the first look at its gameplay may have been revealed. As spotted by ComicBook, the footage was shared by Twitter user Mark Walshburg, though at the time of writing, it’s now been removed from the platform.

Credit: Activision

According to CB, the two-minute footage shown in the now-deleted tweet reconfirmed the rumour that the game will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It also showcased the game in action, albeit in pre-alpha.

If you happen to stumble across a repost of the footage (which likely still remains out there in the ether), you’ll notice it’s very grainy and a little poorly shown. Again, it’s not a reflection of the final CoD, and if anything, the quality justifies the claims that it really is CoD 2020. Still, it’s an unverified leak, so take it with a pinch of salt either way.

Credit: Activision

It’s important to note that, though the footage was shared by Walshburg, it’s unclear where it originated from.

Hopefully we’ll start to hear more official info dropping on CoD 2020 sooner rather than later. Seeing as this will be the last CoD of the current generation of console gaming, it needs to go out with a bang!

Credit: Activision

Right now it looks like a lot of Activision’s focus is on CoD Warzone and Modern Warfare, so when we’ll get to see an official Call of Duty 2020 announcement is a total mystery. It was hoped that the game reveal would have come on today’s date (June 4) during the now-cancelled Sony PS5 games event.

Fingers crossed it’s coming soon!

Credit: Activision

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Featured Image Credit: Activision