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Cancelled ‘Half-Life’ Spin-Off Footage Surfaces Online

Noclip has released an hour of footage of a cancelled Half-Life game called Ravenholm that was made by Deathloop developer Arkane.

No, this isn’t about a Half-Life 3 we’re sorry to say, but it is about the also unfortunately cancelled Half-Life: Ravenholm. This game set in the Half-Life universe made by Dishonored and Deathloop developer was cancelled over 10 years ago.

But yesterday, May 4, the video game documentary YouTube channel Noclip was able to share roughly an hour’s worth of footage.

YouTube video

what does it cover?

Danny O’Dwyer of Noclip explains some context behind the video, and how they were able to show the footage at all. Noclip has released a documentary on Arkane before, which also covered Half-Life: Ravenholm and why it was cancelled. An important point that O’Dwyer makes is that the footage won’t show a perfect game, as it wasn’t actually finished.

The footage kicks off with waking up in an abandoned hospital, where players take on the role of Lieutenant Shepard. The player is then guided by Father Grigori, a character that featured in the original Half-Life 2. After a chat with the father, the game part itself starts, with a classic attack from a group of zombies.

It’s rare that we get to see footage of games that were cancelled, so this video is definitely a treat. The whole video is worth watching just for the insight into what could have been. Though don’t expect any answers as to why it was cancelled, and again, don’t expect Half-Life 3 (though a new game might be in development).


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Featured Image Credit: Valve/ Arkane