A New Half-Life Game Is Apparently In Development

According to Valve News Network creator Tyler McVicker, a Half-Life FPS/ RTS hybrid game is currently in development at Valve.

McVicker posted a video to his channel where he provided details on the current state of the Half-Life universe. The Half-Life FPS/ RTS hybrid is codenamed Citadel, and has supposedly been in development for a little while now.

McVicker says the game is like if Left 4 Dead, Alien Swarm, and Half-Life all had a baby. The game is supposedly being developed with the Steam Deck in mind, specifically to show off the capabilities of the handheld. There was also meant to have been an asymmetric VR component to the game. But that might not be the case due to Valve’s lack of confidence in virtual reality.

YouTube video

On top of this, McVicker also stated that, “Any kind of traditional mouse and keyboard FPS at Valve is not taking place,” meaning Half-Life 3 still isn’t happening. McVicker did include a note in the video that says, “There is a very minor group working on HL3, at the time of recording,” but that doesn’t spell confidence in the project.

A followup to Half-Life: Alyx is also reportedly in “mechanical testing phases,” but nothing concrete is set in stone. Valve has found VR on PC to mostly be a disappointment. So fewer teams are developing for the hardware. But McVicker also points out that all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, as he is not Valve.

So it’s not quite Half-Life 3, but more Half-Life can only be good right? Let us know on our social channels!

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Featured Image: Valve