Capcom Says It Will Prioritise PC Gaming Going Forward

Capcom has said that it will prioritise PC gaming going forward. That’s according to the company’s COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto.

As reported by VGC, the COO was talking to Japanese media outlet Nikkei when he said that Capcom ‘will mainly focus on PC software‘ from this moment on. 

Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show:‘“PC is driving global sales,‘ said Tsujimoto. ‘We have recently stated that we will make the PC our main platform. At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, we focused on exhibiting the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, and I think people will be able to experience the change in our approach.

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A reason why Capcom has decided to shift towards PC gaming is the constant flow of legacy sales such as 2017s Resident Evil 7, which still performs well on the platform. ‘Resident Evil 7 still sells over one million copies a year,‘ said Tsujimoto.

The Pandemic has changed PC gaming

resident evil village lady dimitrescu
Credit: Capcom

The pandemic is changing the way people look at PCs,‘ said the COO. ‘Smartphones are convenient, but their screens are small, and their touch panels are difficult to operate, so they are not suitable for home working or school classes. I think PCs will be the next big thing after smartphones.

The PC can also play high-quality games, so the number of PC users should increase as an understanding of the PC increases.

We will expand our business for dedicated game consoles, which has been the mainstream up to now, but PC will be the mainstream in the future. Next year or the year after, we want to equalize the ratio of sales to PCs and dedicated consoles.

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Nowadays, video games are often developed on a console and then ported over to PC. Back in the day, it was mostly the other way around. So now it seems that Capcom may revert to how it used to be. As long as it results in the overall quality of games on all platforms, it’s all good to me.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom