Elden Ring May Feature ‘Legacy Dungeons’ That Refer To Dark Souls

FromSoftware has shared some additional difficulty and gameplay details on its upcoming title ‘Elden Ring’ during the Tokyo Game Show.

FromSoftware producer Yasuhiro Kitao not only shared some additional details on Elden Ring, but he also revealed that the brutal RPG is in its final stages of development. Rejoice!

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Kitao was speaking during a video interview published by Japanese outlet, Famitsu. Thankfully, the interview has been translated by the folks at DualShockers. The video interview can be watched at around the 32:40 minute mark. However, we’ve picked out some of the highlights.

What can we look forward to in Elden Ring?

Kitao stated that while Elden Ring will share similarities with the Soulsborne titles, one of the strongest elements of the new RPG is that its open-world is ‘seamlessly connected to several dungeons.

There will be a variety of dungeon types in Elden Ring. The size of the dungeons can range from small to medium-sized. Kitao also revealed that they are spread throughout the open-world like underground tunnels. Interesting!

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Credit: FromSoftware

However, perhaps the most exciting of all dungeons are the ones referred to as ‘legacy dungeons.‘ The legacy dungeons are described as ‘huge castles and typical environments‘ which appear in Demon Souls and Dark Souls. So, in essence, it seems like iconic locations and perhaps even boss fights will make cameo appearances in Elden Ring.

As we previously knew, your horse will play a significant role in how you traverse through the world. Oh, and by the way, our horse will be called ‘Reima.’ Your horse will have an impact on how you interact with enemies. For example, when facing a dragon, a horse may be preferable – especially if you need to make a quick escape. However, when traversing in narrow environments, being on foot may be the best approach.

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Credit: FromSoftware

Exploring the open-world

Elden Ring will also let the player freely explore the map. This is something that I often do in Soulsborne games. Though, that is probably a big reason why I always end up running away from enemies that are too overpowered for my poor character.

Thankfully, players will have some assistance navigating through the open-world map. Elden Ring will feature a map (of sorts), but players will have to discover pieces of it hidden in the world. You will also be able to open the map to set objectives and place pillars of lights to help guide you. I imagine this element may be similar to the waypoints in Breath of the Wild.

How difficult will Elden Ring be?

Kaito said that he would be ‘lying‘ if he said that Elden Ring was easy. I am sure that will please Soulsborne fans. However, he did also say that the game isn’t difficult just for the sake of being difficult, and a sense of accomplishment is a common theme in FromSoftware titles.

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Credit: FromSoftware

Despite retaining the challenging aspect that fans would expect from a FromSoftware title, certain accessibility features will be implemented in Elden Ring. For starters, similar to what we’ve seen in previous titles, players can summon allies to lend a helping hand. Players will also have the choice of direct combat or stealth. Taking inspiration from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, players can sneak up on enemies to backstab and one-shot the unsuspecting victim.

In terms of dungeons, each will vary in difficulty. I would assume that the legacy dungeons might offer the steepest challenge for players. However, Kaito did say that if a player finds a particular dungeon too difficult, they can leave that dungeon, find an easier one and then return when they have levelled up.

YouTube video

Elden Ring is nearly here!

Finally, Kaito also confirmed that Elden Ring is nearly fully developed, and is progressing smoothly, and developers aim for the game to meet our expectations.

Are you looking forward to Elden Ring? Let us know across our social media channels. Elden Ring will release on January 21st, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware